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  • What tools do you use? I am almost exclusively a traditional artist. I very rarely use digital (and when I do I have a LOT of help). I use Micron ink pens, color pencils and markers, watercolor, acrylic paints, and even Bic ballpoint pens. I try new materials all the time (note to art supply companies…I am ABSOLUTELY open to reviewing your stuff. Message me.) Some things that people use don’t work as well for me and vice-versa. Just try out a bunch of stuff…you will find something that fits your style!

  • Did you have formal art training? I do. I earned my A.A. (drawing/painting) from Young Harris College and my B.F.A. (drawing/painting) from LaGrange College. I wanted an art degree but I also wanted a liberal arts education as I didn’t know much about the world when I was younger. It gave me a different perspective than if I had focused solely on art. Again, different people have different opinions and I’m sure I didn’t get everything that art college people got but again…vice-versa. Also, I’ve learned as much (or more) AFTER I got out of school. Never stop learning. Follow favorite artists, YouTube tutorials, just go to the library and pick out a random art book. Heck…just following James Gurney (Dinotopia) at http://www.gurneyjourney.blogspot.com is a masterclass in a ton of different disciplines.