Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Muggy Whirlwind

So the last couple of weeks have been an absolute vortex of painting and trying to let as many people know about WHY I was painting so much.

As I mentioned before I was a part of Zoo Atlanta's newest event, Art Gone Wild.  It was an absolute blast!  Aside from purposefully setting aside AN ENTIRE WEEK JUST TO PAINT (seriously, I NEVER have time to do that), it was an absolute joy to be at one of the nation's best zoos and painting animals you just don't get to see every day at the local dog park.

On Wednesday, I looked up from painting at the gorilla habitat and there is John Lemley host of "City Cafe" on the local NPR station with a giant fuzzy microphone asking if they can interview me!  The interview (as well as some photos including some of me) can be found here.  The local ABC station came down and filmed that day, too.  Here is the video from that segment.

Now then...on to business!  Here are the pieces which I submitted for the silent auction!

First up is Utenzi, the big male rhino.  (Listen to my interview to see why I liked him so much!)

Next is Zuberi (I could be wrong on this.  The giraffes move around a lot but I THINK this is the guy I was painting.).

Here is Taz, the guy I was working on when radio fame came a'knockin'...

I love warthogs so I had to go see the newest members of the zoo.  Along with Shirley (Mom) and Vernon (Dad) there are little Eleanor and Lex now.  They seemed to know I needed a good pose.

And finally is one of my all time favorites at Zoo Atlanta, Kelly the elephant.  She and Tara have been my muses and models for years (see previous entries about the children's book I've been working on.)

If you would like to purchase any of these or any of the other fantastic artists' work who participated, go here to purchase tickets to the event (Saturday, June 14th, 2014)!

It was a wonderful experience but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the part that made it all COMPLETELY worth being out and painting in the humid, Georgia heat for a week straight and that is the tremendous zoo staff.  From the volunteers who brought us all water and snacks to the docents who we got to learn from during our sessions (did you know that Willie B's ashes are in his statue?) to the staff people like Julia and Lauren who wrangled cantankerous and sweaty artists all week and made us all feel at home, I give a very big thank you and I cannot WAIT to come back and do it again!