Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Contest...

...and NO voting on this one!  Hooray!  It's a contest sponsored by deviantArt and The Truth...that group that makes the commercials about what happens when you smoke, what the companies put in cigarettes, etc. etc.  The rules were a bit odd and I was sort of confused by them but I think I got what they wanted.  It's called the "Make Ugly" contest and you were supposed to use one of four factoids as inspiration for your monster.  You can read the rules and the factoids here.  Perhaps it will make a little more sense then...

Looking through the entries I assume it is filled entirely with people who sort of understood the concept or (and I think this more likely) stupid children who saw the term "monster" and went nuts.

So I came up with an idea with an overall theme and concept.  I went with the "mutant" factoid.

I decided to use a 50's horror movie poster as the basis for my idea.  Many big thanks to my lovely wife for helping with (okay...DOING) the digital wording on the poster.  I really don't expect to win as according to many there is a large "digital art" preference on the deviantArt site.  I'm not sure but we will see in a day or two.  That's the other great part.  I waited until the last day so I won't have months and months of waiting on this one!

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