Monday, April 15, 2013

New Beginnings and Farewells...

All of today's offerings are toon-based. It's been a toon-tastic kind of week.

First off, I did a"thank you" piece for an old college buddy.  He and his friends do a weekly podcast called Dinner 4 Geeks.  It is a fantastic little podcast going over all aspects of geekly pursuits.  Comic books, tv shows, movies...everything.  However, I noticed that they don't really have photos of themselves so you can't get a mental picture of them while they're talking.  So I did this for them:

I liked it.

And second we come to the "farewell" portion of the title.  This week I am losing two of my cashiers from the day job.  So I thought I would do each of them an individual card.

(The second card is for the "Walking Dead" fan who is moving to California.)

I wish them both well but I'm gonna miss them.  Such is the world of not paying good help enough money.

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