Saturday, March 9, 2013

Internet Experiment

Been reading articles about all those stupid Facebook pictures where people post photos to get people to "Like" or "Share" the photo and typically the photo is of a beaten puppy and the caption says something to the effect of "..."Like" this photo if you don't agree with beating puppies with shovels." Who the hell would agree with beating puppies with shovels?!?! And if they do, they probably shouldn't admit to it in a public forum like Facebook. experiment.

I wanted to try it and see if I could get a picture to go "viral" as it were. But I wanted to do it with my own picture, not a stolen photo. So I thought of an idea and decided I would post this...

And see if 1) people remember what this is and 2) (and more importantly) see if I could get something to viral up the interwebs.

Also, I learned that most of those stupid things on Facebook are just people trying to get a ton of "likes" for their page which they will then sell to corporations somehow.

But not me. Click on mine.

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