Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mural Design

So at my day job, we are bringing in an exhibit on Genghis Khan.  This is going to be a very impressive exhibit with a lot of weapons and and tons of information about a very influential warrior.  Most violent Buddhist EVER!

But on the fun side for me is that in the store, we (and by "we" I mean "the guy in facilities named Tim") are putting together a replica ger (think Mongolian teepee and pronounced gair) and behind this we are hoping to put in a mural of life on the Mongolian steppes.

So I decided to whip up a quick little painting to get across the idea of what we have envisioned.  Okay, what I have envisioned...

And this is it.  It will probably be lengthened a bit as we started doing some measuring and getting a more definitive idea of what we need today but this is my overall idea to get us started.  This is a quick acrylic painting on illustration board.

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