Monday, June 11, 2012

Sketchbook: Tony Awards Edition

I watched the Tony awards this year for the second time in my life. The first time was last year when I stumbled across them being hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. I thought "eh, sure...he's funny. I'll give them a shot". Best decision. Not only was he brilliant, they made me want to go see some live theater. I still haven't but the desire is there.

So fast forward to this year. The other day, I got a new ink brush/pen thingie and have been playing with it to try it out. So while I was sitting there watching the Tony's I was doodling away in my sketchbook. These are the best results.

This one was the first one I did. They were doing a song from "Ghost: the Musical". Yep. THAT "Ghost". The Patrick Swayze one. Don't know if Whoopi is involved or not.

This was a performance from "Jesus Christ Superstar". Seeing this song made me realize I have no idea what that thing is about.

This is Ricky Martin in "Evita". That's about all there is to that. It's Ricky Martin in "Evita".

And this final one is my favorite...

"Nice Work If You Can Get It". I just liked the way this one worked out.

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