Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sketchbook: Euro 2012

So most of my vacation week has been taken up with working on art projects, some light housecleaning (no, really honey...I am), but a lot of it has also been spent watching the Euro 2012 first round matches. Here are a couple of impressions I've taken away from them.

First is a sketch of Rivery, a player for the French National team.

He seems to be a very unhappy fellow. He is usually yelling at the opponents...or his teammates...or the referees...or really anyone who dares make eye contact.

And this is a sketch done of Blaszczkowski (geez...Poland just LOVES that alphabet, don't they?). This was just after he scored a blistering equalizer against a powerful Russian squad.

It's been a lovely week to not be at work.

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