Monday, May 7, 2012

Taking a While...

It's been too long!  I am working but I am falling down on my posting duties.  Apologies.  I've had this one done for awhile but I was holding it until I submitted it to my favorite dino themed magazine publication, Prehistoric Times.  This one is a bit special as it is one of the dinosaurs featured in my museum, Giganotosaurus.

I drew him (her?  I'm not supposed to engender them at work) with feathers as more and more discoveries seem to support this possibility.

Still not sure about "Thunder Chickens"...


  1. is that a motherf'ing pterodactyl in the distance? or a bear o dactyl?

  2. John, your cross-hatching is mui impressive!!

  3. Well, thank you! After I did the boxers I wanted to see how it looked on something...not exactly drawn from life. Although it was sort of. I used some toys from work and combined them to create the Giganotosaurus. The other creatures were made from brain scratch. (Based on real dinosaurs from the region and time period. The "victim" is an Amargasaurus and the little theropod is based on multiple tiny annoying thunder chickens.)