Friday, April 20, 2012


Watching a concert film of ZZ Top this morning I felt the need to grab the old sketchbook and whip out a quick sketch of Dusty Hill. And here it is...

Lawd, I do love that "Little Ol' Band from Texas"!

Dark Shadows contest

So in the course of trying to find more of an audience for my art, I finally looked into the deviantArt website. I'm still feeling out that whole process and have only been a part of it for a month or so, so I can't even truly give a complete critique of the experience yet. More to come on that later...

However one of the things they do have is a slew of contests. Differing themes and such and it seems to be a fun way to get people to do art. I'm always for that. But this one came up a few days ago that intrigued me. The upcoming film version of the old television show Dark Shadows seems to be sponsoring a contest to do a portrait of Barnabas Collins, the soap opera vampire. An old friend (the Cap'n from previous posts, to be exact) had introduced me to the character years ago. As I recall, it was a very odd, campy thing but it also didn't seem like that was the mood they were shooting for. It just kind of happened. Sets falling over during a shot and the director apparently saying "ah, to heck with it. THAT'S A WRAP!" and just leaving in the footage of the falling sets. However there seems to be a lot of folks who are not happy at all with the intentional comedic twist director Tim Burton seems to have given this current incarnation. Ah well, to each his own. I myself, think it looks kind of funny but I also don't have childhood remembrances tied up in it.

 So I came up with an idea for a Barnabas portrait and here it is...

The niftiest thing is that the finalists are to be judged by Tim Burton himself. (Okay, so the NIFTIEST part is the Hollywood prize monies offered, but still...Tim Burton looking at your stuff would be pretty cool, too.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid Week Update

I promised more boxing pen and ink goodness and here it is...

These were also taken from sketches and photographs from the tournament I attended with friends last year.


Saturday, April 7, 2012


Last year, a friend and his son took me to an amateur boxing tournament. I had never been and I'm always up for something new. It was fun and I had posted some sketches I made at the tournament.

Well, my friend's son won his first boxing match last week and in honor of that feat I pulled out some sketches and cobbled together a little pen and ink. I kind of like it, but I may do some more. This was fun.

I forget how much I like black and white sometimes.