Sunday, February 19, 2012

He Was...

He was a Southern boy. He liked unsweet tea and pecan pies baked by Southern girls.

He loved football. Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket fan through and through (and I never held that against him). He cussed the Falcons constantly (although he ALWAYS knew the score and the highlights of exactly how they "had blown the damn game").

He was a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who still had nightmares of it nearly 40 years on. Some things aren't that easily forgotten.

He loved his family. He loved his kids and his grandkids and they loved him. He loved my dog and my dog loved him and my dog has never been wrong about people.

Nearly 3 years ago he walked down the aisle of a small country church and gave to me that which was most precious and important to him. For that I will always be indebted and grateful.

My father in law lost his battle with leukemia Saturday morning with my wife and her brother at his side. We would have done anything for his pain to end but we would do just as much to still have him here with us. And we will all miss him terribly every day.

Goodbye Papa Greer.

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