Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Between...

...a few other major projects, I only have time to squeeze out a few sketches. I had hoped to get some interesting ones yesterday whilst having the car serviced but alas the dealership lounge was full and I had to sit out in another waiting area which was much colder and therefore much less inhabited. So no sketches of strange people waiting on their oil change.

But...I still have pets!

New dog...

...and the cat...

I would have done one of my oldest puppy but she never sleeps out in the living room while we're watching tv.

Stay tuned! Hopefully in the next week or two I will have a fairly large unveiling for you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not Political, I SWEAR

I have pretty much sworn off the political cartoons. Mostly, I just don't need my blood pressure getting that high.

But I heard a term that I have been ITCHING to put down on paper all week. "Vulture Capitalism". I just wanted to draw a vulture dressed up like the Monopoly man. So I did.

The cartoon just kind of fell into place around that one image.

Also, I love the idea of Romney's name being short for "Mittens". Which at least 2 percent of people in this poll actually thought...which I also love.

C.E.O. Mittens? Hilarious. PRESIDENT Mittens? Not so much.

(Okay, maybe I am being political, but it didn't start out that way. Honest.)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

White People On Cell Phones...*

So I went with a friend to Greensboro, NC yesterday to deliver a car. It was a simple up and down trip with us staying overnight at a Sheraton hotel. Simple enough. But just exhausting enough that we didn't REALLY feel like going out to explore last night. Fortunately for us, it was not just a Sheraton, but a Sheraton Convention Center. This means a plethora of people watching! Watch out, you little weirdos! We SEE you!

Sadly, it is apparently the slow season for convention-ing in Greensboro. Not even all the bars and restaurants in the place were open. Ah well...with sketch book in hand my friend and I headed for the lobby to do some people watching. I was loaded up on sweet tea caffeine and he was running on "coffee" and we took up our positions overlooking a ball room that was in and out with people in suits. Through the door we could see a giant screen with people screaming emphatically into microphones while disco lights flashed and techno beats filled the air. It was either a corporate Tony Robbins "pump up the sales-people" conference...or a Republican fundraiser. And judging by the amounts of white people...I have my own suspicions about what this was.

Which leads me to my series I did in the lobby:

White People On Cell Phones

Here is where the * in the title comes in...this was the only couple of the evening that were sitting still long enough for me to sketch that DIDN'T have cell phones. Mostly they had what can only be described as a "crushing amount of angry tension".

And these last two gentlemen whom I actually drew this morning who were going into a completely different lecture. And were black. And not talking on cell phones. (Although the first guy IS playing on an iPad. Does that count?)

An odd little weekend. See you next time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gonna Be a Good Year

The power of positive thinking! I have a Bulldog cartoon ready to go and I finished it up just in time to have a post for the first day of the year. Also, it felt very natural to sign it with "2012". Yep...good year a'comin'.

So without further is my first Bulldog of 2012.

I DO feel a little strange using a semi recent movie reference as a punchline. I usually try to keep the humor a little broader and therefore more universal. But it's been a LONG holiday season for numerous reasons, so Harry is gonna kick the Michigan State Spartan in a hole like Gerard Butler in 300. Done.

Hope everybody had a great new year's celebration! I look forward to sharing more art with you and hopefully a fun surprise or two. The resolution to post every week continues! Have a great 2012 everybody!