Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Time...

It's time for Georgia to play for SEC championship. It's time to shut up all those idiot sports pundits who keep harping on and on about Georgia's "easy" schedule. It's time to prove that Georgia is always a team to be feared.

Can UGA take down the unstoppable behemoth LSU? I think they can. I originally designed this week's cartoon with Harry holding the SEC championship trophy. But I realized that went against what I had drawn up all season. I never actually guaranteed a victory (which is what that would be doing in essence). I just promise that the other teams know they got hit in the mouth. THAT I guarantee...LSU will know they got hit in the mouth whether my beloved Bulldogs win or lose.

But I think they're gonna win.


  1. ha LSU won! looooooser

  2. Yes. Yes they did. But as I recall...LSU played another game AFTER WHO won that game? Hmmm...