Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dares and Marching Bands

This week's cartoon was done as bet/dare/challenge from a friend who didn't think I could work the Redcoat marching band into one of my cartoons. Challenge accepted! I also decided to do it on the most important one of the year since the Florida game (years ago) she had a scary experience and needed a boost in cartoon form.

So without further adieu:

My only concern is that Florida fans will think I'm being super insulting about their team by saying the marching band could beat them up. I am not. The Florida Gators are my beloved Bulldogs most hated rivals. And they are struggling this year. But that's what makes watching the SEC so darned entertaining. ANY given Saturday EVERY possibility is there. You do not look past a team like Florida. Ever.

Lawdy, I love football in the south!

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