Friday, September 9, 2011

More Story...Less Slice of Life

I finished my latest Prehistoric Times submission last night. Two utahraptors attacking a gastonia. See what you think...

I'm starting to put a little more thought to the story behind the pictures. A lot of them were just pictures of the creature out in it's habitat just wandering around. Conflict is needed!

I think that is what was intended by Discovery Channel's new program, Dinosaur Revolution. Some of the people who posted on the Prehistoric Times facebook page were quite annoyed by it. (Mostly it was this one guy who seemed personally offended by it.) A lot of the people who have contributed to the magazine and been interviewed in it were involved in the making of this show. The main complaint was that it was too "cutesy" and "Disney-fied" (That is a paraphrase of that one guy who was so annoyed.) Was some of it unlikely? Sure. But overall it was an entertaining and informative show.

When Walking With Dinosaurs debuted nearly a decade ago (has it been that long? Geez, I'm getting old.) it was a breakthrough in dinosaur animation technology and was beautiful to look at. was also kind of slow. It was basically an all too real documentary...meaning that 95% of the time it was BORING. So then they made Walking With Prehistoric Beasts which was about prehistoric mammals. They learned from Dinosaurs and made it with more story involved. Much more engaging. Dinosaur Revolution is the next step. I give much praise to all those involved and hope we see more from them on this subject. I highly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good show about these amazing prehistoric chickens.

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