Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle...Again

Had a couple of bad weeks creatively. Due to complications and annoyances from a bureaucratic standpoint I did not feel like doing ANYTHING. I didn't work on any children's book pages, I didn't do any cartoons, I couldn't even draw in a sketchbook. Well, enough was enough. On Monday night I grabbed up the old sketchbook and some photos I took at Zoo Atlanta and started sketching again. Here are the results...

First I am putting up the original drawings I did...


And now I am going to show what it looks like when I play with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Meerkat revised.

Tiger (Sumatran, I believe. If anyone knows for sure what tiger they have at Zoo Atlanta tell me in the comments.)

Tiger revised.


Kangaroo revised.


Turtle revised.

And my all time favorite...the warthog.

And warthog revised.

Now I am not a HUGE fan of the revised versions. They are certainly not the way I would have inked the drawings. But it is interesting to me in the way of seeing someone else finish a drawing I started. We had an exercise in college where we would work on a painting and halfway through switch with another student and let them finish it. It was interesting to see where they took it after you and to see where they started from.

Technology will never replace a good old fashioned brush though.

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