Friday, July 8, 2011

Hard At Work

I really am! Unfortunately, it doesn't leave me with much time to put up stuff on ye olde blog. Again, everything I'm working on is top secret. (Actually, that's a lie. it's not top secret. I'm working on a children's book with an old friend. But I can't show you any of it because that would be cheating.)

I CAN show more sketchbook goodies though including one to be used in said children's book. And this is that sketch...

It's a happy trout. The reason I can show you that little guy is because he has nothing to do with the story! He is only ambient decoration!

And by all rules of sketchbook logic, he is on the same page as...

...Marvel comics Daredevil! Sure, why not?

I will keep trying my best to update but I am getting into the meat of this project so it may take me away from blogotorial duties. Apologies in advance!