Saturday, April 30, 2011

Words and Pictures...

Today's installment has two cartoons...there are things I like about each and things I do NOT like about each. Let's start with the first one I did this week.

This one is based on a flawed premise. It is from an article about President Obama wanting foods aimed at kids to stop using cartoons to market their wares if that food is considered "unhealthy". I made it into where he is altering the usage of the cartoons. I did like the art in this one more though. In particular, I liked the ink wash, which is the first time I've really used it in a cartoon (that I can remember anyways).

I get what the president is trying to do but leave it alone. Cartoon marketing is just a symptom of the problem. As usual the solution lies in education. In this case, education about healthy eating. Leave my Chester Cheetah alone!

So here's the next one I did this week which is NOT based on a flawed premise...

Now this one I like the premise more but I do NOT care for my art in it as much. I did it in color because that wedding just had to be drawn in color. It was too bright not to. However, I think I overthought the wording for the Donald AND the priest. I do still think that overbearing jackass would try and crash it if he thought he wouldn't be shot. Which I most certainly hope he would have been...*sigh* perchance to dream.

And this last thing is just for Mark...I like giving him little updates on our project and see what I've been up to periodically.

See you next time!

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