Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Peek Behind the Curtain...

I know this doesn't count as a true post since I didn't actually finish a piece for blogification. However, I DID get a lot done this week. It's just all preliminary sketch work and character design type stuff which I don't feel is worth showing or I am just keeping super hush hush.

So I thought I would go with my next favorite thing when I read other artists blogs. I like to see their work space. It is interesting to me because I like to see how they arrange for convenience and mostly I like to know they are just as messy as me.

You can see my beat up little easel in the corner here. Behind that is an old display unit for toys that I salvaged from work. It works darn well as a catch all art supply storage unit.

As you can see I am big into research. Reference books, National Geographics, art books, and a lot of comics everywhere. (Comics count as research materials, don't they?}

And then here's a better shot of where I do most of my work these days, my work desk. I traded a college buddy for this thing years and years ago and I thought about exchanging it for a newer model but I just can't bring myself to ditch it. It works too well for me.

I hope today's installment has been slightly interesting for you. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to have something more post-worthy from an art perspective.

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