Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Behind The Scenes Action

So a high-pressure system moved into the area today leaving the Paintmonkey feeling as if a railroad spike were being driven into his head and sinuses. I can’t get together enough energy to finish up a regular drawing but I can show what happens when I’m sitting on the couch watching wrestling and reading dinosaur books with no sketchbook within reach (EASY reach anyways. I haven’t felt like moving much the last two days.).

But well within reach are old bill envelopes and a pen. So here we have a couple of dinosaurs, the Undertaker, and some sort of long haired person who may or may not be covering up some math I was doing earlier. (I can’t really remember.) Again, this sinus thing is murder right now.

I know it’s not much but I really do doodle stuff all the time but most of it is silly little nonsense that I throw down just to keep the practice up, even when I am REALLY not in the mood for much of anything else. But every now and then good ideas pop up out of these little throwaways.

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