Sunday, February 27, 2011

One More for Vacation Week

I finished up one more cartoon for vacation week so I could feel better about missing last week's entry. Pretty good. I think I'm getting faster at these things anyways...

So the whole hullabaloo in Wisconsin has inspired this little one panel tale. Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker (R) has decided that the only way to balance the budget is by taking out some sort of personal vendetta against the unions (who apparently hurt his wittle feelings at some point in the past). Even though the unions have said they will give in to the financial demands he is making of them, that's not enough. Apparently the whole fiscal well being of Wisconsin lays on the shoulders of the unions right to use collective bargaining which Mr. Walker has decided needs to go. Which I feel will lead us full circle to this:

Who would ave thought that the GOP's call for a return to "good old fashioned values" meant a return to indentured servitude and possibly "prima nocta"? (That last bit is just an assumption on my part.)

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