Thursday, February 10, 2011

Four Wheeler Poker!

So I decided to do an ad for my parents fire department's upcoming fundraiser. I can't actually donate money to the volunteer fire department but I try to help out in other ways. Lady Paintmonkey has made cupcakes and the like for bake sale type things and I do this:

I participated in the first poker run last year and it was a lot of fun. You ride to different check points and pick up a sealed envelope with a card inside. After five checkpoints you head back to the fire station and they open up your envelopes and see what hand you've got. Best hand wins a percentage of the pot and the rest goes to the fire department. I don't even think I had a pair last year but it was a load of fun! If you would like to participate check the Paintmonkey facebook page and there will be more information about this little shin-dig.

I also cannot find the term "Shuffle Up and Ride!©" anywhere online so I am copyrighting it in the name of my parents fire department!

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