Sunday, January 23, 2011

More process...

Sorry, but I didn't have any new drawings to put up this week. I've DONE some, they just aren't anything special. Layouts for projects and random cartoon doodling but nothing I want seen.

So I figured I'd put up the work this week that I AM happy with. I am churning along on my latest commission and I took a couple of shots along the way to show progress.

This one's after the first day of painting when I put in the light tones and areas...

And this next one is after a couple more days of work, putting in some mid range tones and a few darker ones...

Terribly exciting, yes?

It is for me, anyways. I like where the little guy is going. I promise to try and have some cartoons or other drawings for next week. (Keyword: "try".)

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