Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Previews!

Okay, technically it's the SAME preview but I got the comic book inked and it is being lettered and colored as we speak. But I thought I would show how the first two pages look inked anyways.

I think they look a lot better now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Previews and Perception

I want to start today's entry with a sneak preview of two pages from the Paintmonkey's upcoming dinosaur comic book debut. Obviously the story hasn't been put in yet but these are the first two pages.

Just pencil roughs but they give the idea I want to convey.

Then the second part of my post is about reality versus perception. The Fox theater in Atlanta is currently undergoing a public relations nightmare because of the controversy involving the "Phantom of the Fox", Mr. Joe Patten. The reality is, well, I don't know the reality. The perception is they are giving the proverbial boot to an 83 year old man who helped save the Fox theater twice. It has been pointed out that the Paintmonkey (and MANY, MANY others based on comments on the Fox's facebook page) may be making an uninformed judgment based solely on media reports. That is true. HOWEVER, that is the only thing we have to make judgments with. The company that owns the Fox, Atlanta Landmarks, LLC, keeps re-stating the same vague press release and the biggest blow to their case came when they had a uniformed police officer escort Mr. Patten's lawyer from the meeting he had with the board.

In this particular case, the only reality IS the perception. And unfortunately for Atlanta Landmarks, LLC...that reality is that they are screwing over a little old man.

So I came up with this...

I hope it all gets worked out for everyone. Enjoy!