Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Taste of One's Own Foot

There is a long history of blaming the president (past and present) for problems facing the country. It has become particularly nasty these days but it has also gotten EXTREMELY surreal and disjointed from reality. Michael Steele, the head of the Republican National Committee, the face of the party is a SUPERB example of this. I get that he has to oppose the current administration on, well, just about everything. It seems to be what they do these days. I would probably be less cynical about conservatism if every Republican advertisement for governor that I've seen recently (and good lord, there are a LOT of them these days) say that they are bound and determined to cut our taxes! With every teacher in the state either being furloughed or laid off, they are going to cut taxes. Okay, but quit wringing your dang hands when, for some reason, our schools are churning out woefully stupid kids. Just a thought...

Anyways, Michael Steele was caught on tape at some fundraiser, saying that the war in Afghanistan was a "war of Obama's choosing". Seriously. He didn't even giggle or smile when he said it. He may have actually been serious. The war in Afghanistan, the one that started in October of 2001, four years before Barack Obama was elected to the SENATE much less the presidency, is a war of his own choosing. Okay. Sure. Why not?

What led me to the cartoon was the fact that since this tape made it's way around, most Republicans have turned on their fearless leader and said he doesn't represent "their" Republican party. And seem like they would REALLY prefer it if he would, in fact, just shut up.

Weird. There ARE sometimes instances where politicians and I agree on something.

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