Friday, July 16, 2010

The Paintmonkey is published!

The new edition of Prehistoric Times magazine is out and the Paintmonkey made it in! That is the front cover so you know which issue to rush out and buy! And inside is even better!

Here is a bigger version better for viewing of my submission.

And even better still, the publisher posted in the "From the Editor" section a mention of a brand new event that we are coming up with at work called (tentatively) "The Fernbank Dinosaur Sideshow!" Right now we have Mr Fredericks (the publisher of my new favorite magazine) confirmed as a guest but we are working on many more guests and surprises! Stay tuned. Hopefully by Sunday I will have a working version of our advertisement poster ready for viewing! If not I may go ahead and post my rough sketches.

And remember, rush out NOW and buy this magazine as it will SURELY turn into a collector's item soon!

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