Monday, May 24, 2010


I am a huge reader of comics. I read them for a long time as a kid and then I went to college, got broke and took a twenty year hiatus. About 3 years ago, I started back. Some of my tastes have changed but some have not. I still read the Spidermans and the Batmans but I definitely find myself drawn to just good storytelling these days. One of the better companies for this is Dark Horse Comics. They have the beat em up and the supernatural stories (most notably Hellboy) but they also produce some definitely non-traditional comic fare. One of the ones I am just now discovering is a writer/artist by the name of Ricardo Delgado and his Age of Reptiles comics. They are wonderful stories with no words, only the action of dinosaurs being dinosaurs. For a guy who spends his day job working in a natural history museum it's kind of a natural fit.

So in the back of one of the issues of Mr. Delgado's comic is a letter where he discusses dinosaurs and he mentions a magazine called Prehistoric Times. Their website is a little under-developed but the magazine is pure joy for a dinosaur nerd like me. The magazine is devoted to dinosaur news and collectibles and model making. And the entire thing is illustrated by the readers. They don't pay for submissions but it's just fun to draw dinosaurs. And any exposure is good for you, right?

So that brings me to today's entry in the studio...IGUANODON!

The magazine generally has two main creatures a month and the deadlines for submissions are listed on the website. I used the watercolor pen and ink method because another dino artist that I think is great is William Stout and he uses that technique on a lot of his paleo art. So, in an homage to Mr. Stout, I submit my first dino painting!

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  1. I don't think "cute" is what you were going for but cute he/she is! Keep up the good work!