Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cowboy Up!

One cowboy painting hot off the press...er...easel...okay fine, hot off the drafting table. Happy now?

I really do hate the title saying. "Cowboy up." It's a saying popularized by people who are not actually cowboys and wanted a new, nifty way to tell someone to toughen up. I use it as diner lingo. "One cowboy up, hold the pistols and heavy on the chaps!" See? I have now introduced a fun new oeuvre into the world of the restaurateur. I fully expect to be compensated when this new chain of Old West diners sweeps the nation by storm.

ANYHOO...back to the painting. I have painted this fellow before. And done pen and inks of him. And I'm pretty sure he's in a few sketchbooks now that I think about it. I just really liked that pose. Nothing but the confidence of the young and the swagger of a cowboy all condensed into one seated pose on a gate.

Checking Out the Competition ink and watercolor, 8x10 (on a 9x12 sheet of watercolor paper) $150

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