Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Party

I have semi kept up with the "Tea Party" national convention this weekend. Started as a backlash against what they see as wasteful government spending (oddly enough it only started AFTER Obama took over and continued Bush actions. Weird.), the "Tea Party" movement has since become a forum for the right. The FAR right. Former GOP House representative from Colorado Tom Tancredo delivered a "rousing" speech to kick off the convention. The first part of today's cartoon is an excerpt from that speech...

Yes, and in addition to this little he gem, he advocates a "civics literacy" test before being "allowed" to vote in this country. At best this speech was a horrifying echo of Strom Thurmond in the '40's and at worst (if he took a tiny little step to the right) it is a new rallying call for racists in this country. Perhaps the former representative needs a refresher course on civics himself.

(I know I've been a little 'toon heavy these days, but I've got another painting on the way. I promise.)

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