Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two-fer Saturday!

I feel good. I got the painting of the chapel done and I got another cartoon done. Since I've been promising the chapel for a while, let's start with it.

The Susan B. Harris Chapel in Young Harris, Ga. Many a convocation I sat through in that little chapel. A pair of my best friends from college got married in it. And it is one of the few structures that I don't think Young Harris College will demolish in the name of "progress". (I hope.) That being said, I'm glad I got pictures of it when I did.

Also today, I got another cartoon knocked out. The story of James O'Keefe is one that amuses me no end but also stops me in my tracks with a "REALLY?" kind of dumbfoundedness (Is that a word?). Mr. O'Keefe is the "investigative journalist" who broke the story about the non-profit ACORN providing tax evasion tips to a "pimp" (Mr. O'Keefe in hilarious '70's undercover pimp attire). Now I will give him credit for this story. If ANYONE is giving out tips about how to skirt the law, they should be punished. Period. After the election, I have not heard if there were any investigations into this or not, but I really do think of this as a problem.

Now for the opinion portion of this. I think Mr. O'Keefe fancies himself the right wing Michael Moore (although I bet he HATES that comparison). My opinion is, he seems like nothing but a spoiled little rich kid who decided very much like a child to try and bring down those who opposed daddy's interests (and eventually his inheritance). Barack Obama was connected to ACORN so why not try and find something embarrassing on them. Again, I think those who offered illegal advice should be punished. But I don't think he actually cared about the legality of the situation. Obama was connected with an organization offering advice to pimps and hookers! JACKPOT! Go straight to Fox News! Break out the champagne!

Now on to his current "situation". Mr. O'Keefe decided to "get to the bottom of why a United States senator wasn't answering her phones about healthcare". Okay. Fair enough. Why not take an investigative crew and find out what's going on? Oh, you say you're going to dress up like phone repair guys and enter a federal office building with a hidden camera and get the answers you want? GREAT IDEA!

For an "investigative journalist", you sure didn't look into consequences for certain actions, did you? ANYONE with half a brain should realize that this type of stupidity will get you neck deep in some Homeland Security. Aaah, to be young and really really dumb.

Artistically speaking, I really like the drawing part of this one. My big experiment was the lettering. I think all my characters always look like they are screaming in the word balloons so I thought I would try a smaller sizing this time. It seems to still be legible but just barely. oh well, back to the drawing board (literally). Thanks for listening!

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