Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's keep an eye open...

In the aftermath of Democrat Martha Coakley being defeated by Republican Scott Brown, I have watched as my right leaning friends on Facebook and the response of our "news" media go ballistic. Yet again, everyone seems to treat this as either the start of the decline of civilization, or the start of the decline of the Obama administration, BOTH of which I feel are a bit of an overstatement of what has happened. Yes, the Democrats lost a LONG held Senate seat, but watch the Daily Show. Apparently the geniuses of the Democratic party who nominated the oh so electable John Kerry in 2004 put the bug in Ms. Coakley's ear. I've seen more socially adept monkeys with a penchant for flinging feces.

So where does that leave me in the maelstrom of friends who are lauding the brilliance of Massachusetts voters and the talking heads on the news channels who are taking the outcome of one election to fill the term of a deceased senator as the inevitable failing of our president? Well, I'm glad you asked. (And if you didn't, too bad. I'm answering it anyways.) I am, as always, diving even more deeply into a democracy depression. More and more it looks to me like we are being set up. I do not understand where this venomous animosity that people on opposite sides have for each other is coming from. "If you don't agree with me, then to hell with you and enjoy the sulfur." Why is it that just in the last decade or so, everyone has gotten so nasty about these things? And then it occurred to me...

We're being set up! Divide and conquer! Get us angry at each other over meaningless ideological differences and then sit back and do what you please. It's so simple. (And yes, hopefully this is my only conspiracy theory. Thank you for humoring me.)

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