Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just A Little Filler

I am ALMOST done with two paintings that I am really happy with (so far). However, I am at the point that seems to take the longest time for me, which is the tidying up at the end. But I feel pretty good when I actually get something up on this blogosphere, so I thought I would put up the quick project I did today.

One of my coworkers put something on Facebook about planning a Easter Egg hunt at the natural history museum I work at. That made me think immediately of this image:

It only took about 15 minutes to get the idea together and then down onto some bristol board. I almost forgot the bunny ears, which is weird because I thought they were the funniest part of the whole image. And this is only a quick drawing to get the idea across to the marketing department. I don't even care if they use it or not. They've never been interested in my ideas before but I do them because they make me laugh. (Actually why I do MOST things.)

So then Lady Paintmonkey gets home (I've had the end of this week off. Trying to get rid of rollover vacation days.). She shoots the usual photos and cleans it up in the computer for me. And then we think "why not see what a little color looks like on this thing?" Keep in mind, we're not doing this on a Mac, and this is just a basic paint program. But all in all I think it gets the idea across quite well.

Hopefully this will keep everyone satisfied until I can get the last little bits of these other projects squared away.

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