Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Recognition

In the world of art there exists two different groups of people. There are the creators obviously. We are the ones who according to most everyone else "see a little differently". And then there is the other group. This group is made up of our supporters and defenders. Without this group, we the creators would be hopelessly lost and continuously ripped off. Mrs. Eleanor (Ellie) Frazetta belonged to this group. Mrs. Frazetta passed away on July 17th after a year long battle with cancer. As wife to the preeminent fantasy artist of, well EVER, she made it her mission to protect Frank, his work, and his legacy. And according to all reports she succeeded at all of these beyond anyone's wildest imagination. She was married to Frank for somewhere between 52 and 53 years.

I never had the chance to meet her and that makes me sad, not just from the loss of the opportunity, but because according to everyone who had been to the Frazetta museum it just wasn't that hard. By and large for the most part, almost everyone who went met her either at the door or at the very least in the gift shop selling her husband's work.

I send out my condolences to the Frazetta family and the wishes that all of us could experience what they had: a devoted mother, the fiercest of protectors, and most important for Frank, an inspiring soulmate. We'll miss you Mrs. Frazetta.

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