Monday, July 20, 2009

The Search for Inspiration Marches On

Some days even with the time available and materials at hand there is a problem figuring out what to do with both. On these days I am trying to figure out if I should force the hand of creativity and just try and make something or if I should go outside and find something that will force open the creativity for me. I tried both today. I could not think of any subject matter that moved me enough to start a new painting and all of my paintings I have been working on are at stages of waiting for paint to dry. So I went outside. I grabbed the camera and the car keys and wandered down streets in my neighborhood that I have not seen before. I looked up and down, high and low, and came up with...nothing. None of what I saw helped. So I turned around and headed back in. On my way back to the house, I realized that even driving slowly in the car, I was still IN THE CAR. I decided that on my next day off I was going to load up the camera and head out on my bicycle. So on Wednesday, I am heading off into the hinterlands of the bike trail and wherever else my bike may take me in the search for inspiration.

So I came back in and looked through my photographs again. I've been wanting to do a lighthouse, and it seems the Hilton Head lighthouse is a fairly popular landmark, so I went with a pretty decent shot of it and started throwing paint down. Here's the first day's effort.

Next time: bicycle inspirations (hopefully).

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