Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's New

I'm still new to documenting my work, so unfortunately it takes awhile between posts. Hopefully soon I will figure out the balance between documenting, marketing, and actually DOING the work. Hope springs eternal...

Anyways, I just got a new painting posted on etsy. It's Piggly Wiggly Water Oak. A few weeks ago Jenn and I went with some friends to Hilton Head. While shopping for dinner fixings one day we went to the local Piggly Wiggly. Right next door is a beautiful little stand of water oaks which also happen to surround a small cemetary. While my wife and friends went inside to shop, I stayed out and took a lot of photos of this beautiful little scene.

I find myself doing more and more landscapes these days. The two small pieces I'm working on right now are a small sunset beach scene and a field with a few barns on it. I used to shun landscapes. But more and more I find myself being drawn to the quiet simple parts of life that move us. Certainly when I was younger I was more attracted to the vibrancy of movement and explosions of form, and I still am. I suppose as I get older though, I am more open to slowing down and appreciating ALL of what is around me, not just the loud.